Emmaus Village is an innovative community for people living with dementia in Port Macquarie. A world-leading style of living that stimulates the mind, enhances quality of life, maintains family connection and provides independence with consistency every day.

Like any other neighbourhood, Emmaus Village is a place where people live, meet, and socialise based on common interests and lifestyles. This safe and secure environment allows residents – or Villagers as we like to call them - to feel at home, move freely and easily.

Your life in your hands.

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Hands tell the story of our lives, our experiences and life's journey. This belief and our hands-on approach is evident in everything we do at Emmaus Village - in all the activities and engagement with hands guiding, supporting, reassuring and caring - with heart-felt respect and understanding.

The people behind Emmaus Village.

St Agnes' Catholic Parish logo

Emmaus Village is operated by St Agnes’ Catholic Parish which has been serving the Port Macquarie community for decades, from childhood early learning right through to later living. Built on a foundation nourished by faith, St Agnes’ Parish is a dedicated, local, trusted, not-for-profit organisation that is community-focused, connected, safe, caring, and welcoming. 

Home is where the heart is.

Inspired by a range of best practice methods, including the world-leading The Hogeweyk® model in the Netherlands, Emmaus Village provides familiar environments designed for everyday living.

Karen Freeman - Residential Services Manager

Village homes.

The small-town, small-house layout provides familiar environments and themed surroundings to promote a freedom of movement lifestyle designed for everyday living. 

All purposefully designed to empower residents to remain active and socialise as they participate in community life. 

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Emmaus Village is due to open in April 2024. If you would like to find out more and be kept up to date, please click the enquire button below.