We are excited to announce that we will be incorporating a leading lifestyle and values assessment tool into the admission journey for Emmaus Village. 

This innovative approach, first used to enable The Hogeweyk® model, represents our unwavering commitment to creating a personalised and caring environment for Villagers.

Prospective residents – or Villagers as we like to call them - together with their families, will meet with our Dementia Support Consultant before moving into Emmaus Village. During these sessions, they will share insights about their personality, preferences, beliefs, and cultural background. This individualised approach goes beyond traditional clinical considerations, enabling us to craft a truly personalised experience for each resident.

The impact of this assessment tool will be profound. Our future residents will find themselves in an environment that resonates with their values, fostering a deep sense of belonging, purpose, and overall wellbeing. By connecting them with like-minded residents, we will reduce social isolation, enhance cognitive health, and promote greater happiness.